dead lighters go to heaven

by Andrew Starr and the Hobo Scene

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released October 21, 2016

andrew starr- all tracks all instruments
ben abid- vocals on tracks 3 and 5, guitar on track 4, bass on track 3
matty hagger (pansy) - vocals on track 2
aric smejkal (uncle elder) - samples, static, banjo on track 5



all rights reserved


Andrew Starr and the Hobo Scene Grand Rapids, Michigan

post-folk cacophonus dance music

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Track Name: ceiling (ft pansy)
there was lipstick on your lips
it was obvious that you were in my neck
i bit your cheek then you screamed
when i woke you said you had the strangest dream

we were wrapped up in your sheets
my back was drenched in sweat
i wanted to reach over and hold you

i was afraid of your warmth

most of the roads i know are backwards
we got lost but we still had a lot of fun
i dropped you off at your moms house
we didn't talk much and we didnt hug

i stuttered words that sounded stupid
calculating every sentence as it left my mouth
we can draw pictures on the ceiling
and take them down when we lose all feeling

(everynight i stare at the ceiling
seeking validation for senseless acts
senseless sadness
tracing your shadow with salt
swallowing through your open mouth
spilling your secrets
letting our blood flow together
as one unit
in one house
cracking holes in the drywall
until all the light gets out)
Track Name: gbad
listen baby
i don't want to sing this song
i was hoping you were listening
so that we could sing along

if you want you could
i'm not trying to pressure you

just try your best its good
you're good
you're good

if you cared then you wouldn't have played along
Track Name: ricky, my son
you think you're so cool
you think you're so tough
but your weak logic isn't enough
what do you want to know?
maybe i'll tell it to you

but first
i will
make you

put down your false lens and i'll speak the truth
there's nothing happening

halfway with it
halfway there
halfway anything and anywhere
Track Name: kalamaglue
sitting so high
above the field
i watched the sun go down into your pocket

you're like glue
you're like glue
can't stay away from you
you're like glue

eventually i'm
stuck like glue
stuck like glue
what bounces off of me sticks to you
Track Name: glass jar baby
your friends left you at the show
they thought you wouldn't notice
but of course you know
everytime you write the part they play the roll

when i rule it all they'll lose their bones

would you care if i lost my teeth
wooden molars as your properties
glass jar baby
yeah, you grew me
swimming in your blood
won't you try and catch me
Track Name: kevin (spaceman friend)
astronaut man
my spaceman friend

when will you help us
reach our atmosphere again
we've been waiting for such a long time
won't you be our friend

in the stars
i see
the skater kids
they laugh at me
Track Name: hazy sunday
hazy sunday
sleeping all day
i should get out but my body won't let me

trapped in here
like placing two mirrors
in front of the other, we just do what we're told

figuring out if i'm a man or a woman
time is on my side
but neither appeal to me

i wouldn't lie
if you took the time
to say that you cared about
what's growing inside of me

i suppose that it's 1 am
and i suppose that i could be drunk again
i suppose it might make me numb
and free of feeling
but thats not what i wanted
it's never enough

i want to sleep
and never wake up
Track Name: who made these bones?
who made these bones
who picked them out
too long too thin
sometimes i wanna feed them to the birds-
in a metaphorical sense
you feel me?

i can't sleep
no wait
i can't sleep i can't see
am i closing my eyes or have my poor decisions
finally rendered me blind

run with the angels
my dad says when i die i'll fly
when i die i'll fly
run with the big shots
my dad says when i die i'll fly
when i die i'll fly

run far from here
and when you get there please tell me the time
Track Name: astronaut sox
your hair looks good today
i wish i could say it
i watch you breathing
it would feel so good to say it
i am so shy and
you are so kind
i hope you don't think
that i'm wasting your time

can i sleep in your bed tonight?
if you want we can split the sides
it's alright

it's the end of the day

you're so cute
i'm so high
this won't rhyme
i lied
be mine
Track Name: laurie
you're not leaving
without me
all my friends will baptize me

hold me down
i can breathe underwater
i'm used to it

look at me
blink your eyes and move your limbs
and show me you can breathe

there is nothing left to say
Track Name: blow
lets do more blow

cocaine boys
and cocaine girls
and all their cocaine blues

your parents
they liked to do it too
your parents they started it
so why shouldn't you?
Track Name: june 11th
June 11th 2014
I made the observation that if today were the last day that I ever saw you it would be the perfect way to say goodbye. As we sat above the treeline watching cars scurry about you remembered that you left the oven on earlier in the day and promptly left. We hugged and parted. It's been two years now and I don't know where you went or who you became, but occasionally people will ask me about you and how you're doing and I will always respond with "good" even though you may be living in absolute hell as far as I know. Knowing you, you're probably just fine. Your personality was like the sun, lighting every room you made yourself at home in.
I woke up this morning with a knot in my chest and I did not know how to untie it
I looked through my blinds and burned my eyes
Slipping my fingers into the flesh of something that once breathed too and reminding myself that in some alternate universe the breathing flesh would do the same to me
A puppet on a string will know only once that it is too trapped and continue living

No more sun
No more booze
No more fun times
Nothing more to lose

No more money
No time to waste
No more long nights
no short days

I'm all used up
I'm all used up
I can give you my love
But I'm all used up
Track Name: mold
staying home
taking vicodin
watch the mold grow
swallow up my skin

coughing up your taste
tar drips down my face
yeah i like it
i never changed

im still a waste
I'm still awake

trash counts the days
throwing my life away
tacks for breakfast
tough like my fathers made

i don't want to work today
I've got a lot of games to play
hide in the closet
until the sun goes away
Track Name: pumpkn man
Fetch me the knife
Hollow me out and
Fill me with light
I'm the pumpkin man
Or at least I'll pretend to be

It rained that night
I swerved out
And over the lines
Head on
You came to me

and in the dark
i confused your face
someone i thought i knew forever ago
Track Name: inseqts
Everything will fall into place
Don't worry about the future
I think I'm in love
Says the needle to the suture

Did you see them too
Did you see them dancing
Did you hear their calls